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Learn More About The Magna Clean Filter With The Power Flush

The Magna clean filter is a central heating filtration system. It is a water treating device that is preferably fitted close to the boiler. This system works best with a power flush machine. Although there are so many different brands of filter, the magna clean filter with the power flush machine is probably one of the best brands.

How the Magna clean filter with the power flush machine works

When water starts flowing through your heating systems which could be your boiler, pipes or radiators, the magna clean filter picks up any small particles debris and metal that could be present in the water. Since the system has a magnet, it is able to pick the swarf which sticks to the magnet as water flows back from the heating system. A magna clean filter with a power flush machine saves you a lot of money over time. It also helps improve the system efficiency hence a Magna clean power flushing filter is the best.

How long the flushing takes

The magna clean filter with power flush machine process takes about 4 to 6 hours to flush your entire system. However, this depends on how much eroded is your system as well as how much sludge has built up in your system. Most plumbers however recommend that for you to achieve magnificent results, double filtration is necessary if your heating system has a lot of sludge or is so much eroded.


Benefits of using Magna clean filter with power flush machine

*It gives the boiler protection against damage and helps it to last much longer

*The power flush machine allows you to use less gas hence you save money

*Increases heating water clarity thus minimizing water consumption

*It prevents any re-circulation of debris through the boiler

*The system requires effortless servicing and simple installation waving both money and time

*The system allows reduced heating energy bills by a huge percentage of about 7% a year

*The power flush machine allows reduced carbon emissions during the process

Servicing of Magna clean filter

Professionals recommend that you have your magna clean filter serviced yearly. This should be done preferably at the same time as your boiler. The heating engineer cleans the magnetic inside during servicing to ensure it is safe. The servicing is not expensive as you may think hence you should not fear taking your system for servicing because of the charges. Remember prevention is better than cure. It would cost you a good fortune to replace a magna clean filter than to service it annually.

Bottom line

Have a magna clean filter with power flush machine fitted. To escape all these usual problems of paying excessive heating charges and breakdowns because of sludge build up, have this system fitted to all central heating systems in your home. And if also you really want your heating working best all the time, then have the magna clean filter fitted before any problems arise. It will get rid of black sludge deposits faster hence your heating system is unlikely to reach a point where breakdowns may arise. check out  http://www.expertpowerflush.co.uk/ for great prices. if however you need to change the the system make sure to find the cheapest boiler replacement cost you can.


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water supply and sewer pipes

 Two most important pipes

What a lot of people actually fail to realize that as well as the pipes within your property a great deal of the work for your drainage system is completed with the help of pipes outside your house

There are two very vital pipes hidden away either under your garden or drive way. First we have a sewer pipe which is responsible for the flushing away of all waste into our sewers, the second is a water supply pipe which allows us to receive water into your home from the main.

Without these two essential pipes within your home, taps, sinks, toilets and things like that would have absolutely no use, for the most part these pipes are self-sufficient, however if for any reason they were to malfunction o become damaged you might need to know the ins and outs of how they work, same goes for if you need to install or re locate pipes due to a property extension or renovation

Below I’ll explain the basic knows, do and dont’s regarding the two different pipes, the sewer pipe, and the water supply pipe in order for you to be a bit more clued up should you need a renovation or if your pipes need a repair

This however is just the basics you may need to contact a qualified plumber to sort your drain out like localdrainservices.co.uk


Your water pipe      

It’s not unusual if you never spend more than a few seconds thinking about where the water flowing from you kitchen sink, flushing through your dishwasher or fling p your bathtub in the morning comes from. Because many of us don’t, it is definitely something we all take for granted. Without your water supply pipe these luxury’s we think of as necessities wouldn’t be of use at all, the pipes underground in the streets are connected up to the network of pipes within your home, these pipes maybe just yours or they may be shared with a neighbour or neighbours depending on the type of your property, you or your landlord are fully responsible for these pipes should anything go wrong, if there’s a leak or damage, it will be up to yourself or landlord to call in a specialist

If you have a new home or extension and this is need of a water supply, it is is possible to do it yourself, however it can be pretty tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, the basics are that you need to correctly lay the supply pipe and get someone to do the rest, enlist the help of a qualified and experienced builder to help you out with this However

Sewer pipes

Your sewer pipes are made to exit your house using a private drain which is specifically for you, this is also your responsibility should any repair or maintenance be needed

Waste from the loo, from your shower or water dispensed by the dishwasher, the used water goes through what is called a U bend dumped out of sight and far away




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Expensive dentist treatments

Expensive dental surgery

Private dental treatment and the search for a good looking set of teeth, can cost a whole load, there are many popular dental procedures people go for in order to have the perfect smile. The expense depends on the treatment need for the oral health of the individual. We have researched and found some of the most expensive and poplar dentistry treatments available and listed them and a little synopsis in regards to price and procedure.

Teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening is effectively the act of bleaching the natural color of ones teeth without any damage or removal of the tooth surface, the price of the procedure differs as you can get cheap do-it-at-home kits w which are usually ineffective, these can cost as little as £20, however for a more effective option in office teeth whitening where you would see a dental specialist can cost anywhere from £150 to £400


Veeners are a solution to a lot of oral dental problems such as uneven teeth, worn enamel and uneven spacing, and even chipped teeth. Veneers are especially popular in the celebrity world
the procedure is usually completed with only two visit to the dentist. Wafer thin laminates made out of ceramic are placed on the shaven down teeth, to provide a perfect shape and colour to a patients set of teeth. The cost of veneers can come up to a hefty fee of around £700-£800 however many find the benefits outweigh the costs

Orthodontist procedures

Braces are actually the most common of our list of cosmetic dentistry, free on the NHS but privately requested for anyone over the age of 21, who missed the chance to get them when they were younger or didn’t care that much now face a large expense to enhance their smile. Braces are metal fittings that are strapped around the teeth in a way that urges them to move and mold to a specific shape, braces can cost anything up to £1000 depending on the exact needs of the individual patient
a sough after alternative are a set of invisible braces otherwise called invisalign, these are braces that go behind the teeth so are not visible these can cost up to £3000

Dental implants

Dental implants are the most expensive of all our dental treatments on the list, this is because a lot is involved, The best dental implant services in London charge quite a bit It involves the surgical integration of structures into your jawbone, and so requires specialized dental surgeons, as well as being considered a cosmetic surgery this procedure can also be a restorative procedure. Dental implants can be done on individual teeth, as well as full set of teeth and can set you back £3000 per jaw or 6000 for a full reconstruction of the mouth.

A dental implant is used in the maintenance or support a set of teeth a titanium screw is placed in the Gum to replace a failed or lost tooth. Placed in the jawbone it is a delicate and complex procedure, which many cannot afford

neon jungle video

victoria secret fashion show 2013

Victoria secret fashion show 2013

The show was first aired in 2001, and ever since then the show has been ridiculed by protest groups mainly from the parent’s television council, the national organization for women, and the American decency association. The ridicule stems from the fact the models undergo an extreme regime to stay as thin as pretty as they show of as they hit the runway every year, some models have confessed that they train as hard as pro athletes. The show is broadcast to millions with many kids and teens feeling the pressure to compete with the glamorized perception of what a women should be


The funny thing however is the fact that these debates actually boost ratings. No such thing as bad publicity right? The show saw some 15 million Americans tune in, a huge increase from the 2012 Victoria secret show which still had an impressive 10 million viewers watching. A night that broke records of viewers of women between women the ages of 18 to 34. The show is then broadcast throughout 192 countries over the next 2 or 3 months. The show was asked to be moved closer to December in order to capture a larger audience during the Christmas period increasing revenue from adverts and such.

Even though there is a mass of beautiful women in near enough next to nothing, showing lavage so much else in Victoria secrets skimpy lingerie and bikinis, the show is directed at and only really attracts female viewers. Last year shows saw 65 percent of the audience at show alone be female spectators. The producers hope to increase thus number for next year’s show

There will be an abundance of female superstar models ranging from Adriana Lima to Gisele Bundchen, it’s rumored that these models are paid up to as much as $1 million dollars annually,
The models on the day will strut the runway with amazing performances from fall out boy, Taylor swift and all new girl group Neon Jungle. Judging by the neon jungle twitter they are very excited about the event  and performing some the neon jungle songs, members said this would be the pinnacle of their careers. Going past the fashion of clothing and costumes, there is all also other fashion aspects to be highly anticipated including the many hairstyles wigs, handbags, jewellery and other props to make you say aaaah.

Overall, the show was not as glam as the years prior, interviews given were tasteless and one worded an not many people seemed interested at all, the show had to long an interval with starts and businessmen alike, seeming to become un nerved and agitated by this, hopefully the producer can take notes from the positive and negatives of the this year’s show and put on a better an awe inspiring show when it returns next year, until then it is adios

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History of the internet

History of the world wide web

The amazing things that Mr Berners- lee and co whist a CERN, and the European laboratory for particle physics done collectively were unimaginable and literally changed the world as we know it. They were both involved in creating the foundations of the internet otherwise known as the world wide web, they were responsible in creating HTML the first web server, web protocol HTTP as well as the first browser in a very basic form. Nothing like we see in today’s world of the internet.
during the early ninety’s a setup of the inherent included not much at all, web looked like nothing to be desired at all, it was not even yet coined worldwide as it only span through an intranet within the CERN company, the information sent wasn’t going far at all in fact it wasn’t further then 50 meters
Websites were slowly but surely beginning to catch on, pages at this time are what were referred to as static pages or static html, and these were built by highly competent  website development companies, who were highly educated in the field of computers and upcoming technology. Once these websites were created nothing else was done to them as the recipient would not be educated in html so would not be able to edit it, only The best website Developers could do it

the beginning of the world wide web as mention before saw dull, static pages, so how did they come to look more creative interactive and nice like they do today. Websites today aren’t merely documents like Berners lee first sought out for it to be, there’s many applications and concepts that can come from an awe page now. The only way this was possible was via the use of what’s known as java script and CSS, august 1995 saw the creation and announcement of JavaScript, it was not fully welcomed by all as it changed the main frame of what was going on with the world wide web and many experts of the old style were having problems catching up

tim berners

Some people drastically disapproved of JavaScript but low and behold it single handily allowed the web to be a lot more dynamic and a lot less static.

JavaScript allowed websites to have a brain, so to speak, however the beauty of the website came from what we call CSS, it brought and changed the style look and feel of a web page CSS stands for cascading style sheets this style of sheet has been around over 30, they put a separation between the documenting of the text and the style of the text

Nowadays we all rely on the internet to do pretty much anything from running a business to sorting out our accounts to booking a holiday to getting the groceries, and subsequently the London web design price has increased. the work of Mr Berners lee and the others involved has change the world as we know it forever, and

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Ways to rank your website better

Rank with SEO

With search engine optimization (SEO) and to implement it successfully, it is essential that you understand the bare bones and basics of it. SEO enhances the visibility if your website on search engines such as Google yahoo and Bing, helping you be found easier by those looking for the products, service or information you provide


The key to be a good search engine optimizer so to somehow figure out what Google or any of the other search engines are looking for, when it comes to giving credit and moving you up the rankings. Google in particular look for your website to serve a purpose and to ensure it includes relevant and useful information customers/visitors will be looking for

Whilst looking at a website and determining how relevant it is Google look at a few aspects including the following

Content- This is the text that is inserted to the pages of your website Google looks at them as well as the use of keywords

Performance- looks at how fast your website works, how quick pages will load, obviously getting more credit the faster your page loads

User Experience – the visibility of your website, how it looks and how easy it is to navigate round it, this will determine how long a visitor will stay on your site for site for, something called bounce rate

What Search Engines Are NOT Looking Form

Google are able to detect malpractice of search engine optimization, there are some things Google don’t like and is seen as cheating in the SEO world. SEO in london cost is pretty high if you dont know what you are doing

Over optimizing with key words otherwise known as keyword stuffing, when a person with a website adds a key word or phrase an abnormal amount if times Google deems this as bad as it is less likely that to have unique and relevant information. Spiders and bots crawl the website to locate these thing

Buying links, it is possible for you to purchase load of links back to your website in the attempt to rank better, although there was a time when Google favored this and gave credit to those with more links, now they look at the quality of the links before giving credit to your site

User experience Google don’t like if your website is saturated with content images and videos, they look for a more basic and easy to use website, that is easy to get around and find the information they are looking for, if it has a low bounce rate


Social sites

This day in age social sites are used by pretty much anyone and everyone, from grandma right down to your 9 year old niece or nephew guaranteed they all have some sort of social platform. Google knows this and give link juice to people actively using them, and using them correctly, presence on Facebook, linkd in, twitter and such has a great impact on seo, regular tweets, posts comments and links going back to the main website is what Google seek to see. Which is why most companies ensure they have accounts set up that remain active.=

Learn boiler repair part two

boiler replacement conciderations

For many people all over the UK the process of changing your boiler when eventually gives up the ghost can be a very stressful experience there’s the variety of different makes of boilers you have to chose between, the task of finding decent and reputable installers, deciding whether to upgrade to a combi or megaflow system or stick with a conventional system and on top of all of this you want to find someone who can do it and not rip you off in the process. here is your quick guide to help navigate this arduous process.

the best makes to get   

there are several makes of boiler to chose from but you will get what you pay for. on the premium end you have vaillant and worcester bosch which are top of the range. for a tighter budget you could also apt for a Main boiler which are also offer surprising value for money.

Different types of central heating system

the standard type of central heating system is a conventional on. theses systems are known as open vent systems and are unpressurised and are fed water from separate tanks in your loft for the hot water and central heating sides and also has a cylinder to store hot water. Another type of system you can have fitted is a combi boiler system which is pressurised. this type of system doesn’t need the tanks in the loft or a cylinder as the water is heat inside the boiler itself instead of being heated in the cylinder with a conventional system. an advantage of a combi boiler is that water is heated instantly whereas a conventional system takes time for the water to heat up, however combi systems may not be suitable for larger homes as they can’t cope with the capacity.

cost of having your boiler replaced  

having a boiler changed can vary in price dramatically depending on the make of boiler you are requesting, whether or not you need changes made to existing pipework to comply with current regulations and whether or not you are looking to upgrade to a different type of system shopping around should reduce the cost of replacing your boiler, so be sure to seek at least three quotes before making a decision.   

Garlic and Herb Mashed Cauliflower | Paleo Recipe

Paleo diet breakfast

Here are some great, quick and easy breakfast ideas for your paleo diet and will ensure you dont brake any of the paleo dieting rules

So Cal Omlet


Not just for breakfast, the So Cal Omelet is a great source of protein, any time of day. Vitamin packed and tasty, who can resist avocado, basil, and eggs? ,


Serves 2

  • 4 Omega-3 eggs
  • 1 T. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 c chopped spinach leaves
  • 1 tsp fresh basil, finely chopped
  • 1 small avocado
  • Freshly ground black pepper



1. In a small mixing bowl, whisk eggs until foamy

2. Heat oil in a small skillet over medium flame and add eggs

3. Using a rubber spatula, tilt pan and lift edges to allow uncooked eggs to make contact with hot surface of pan

4. When eggs are almost set, place the spinach on one side, sprinkle with basil and pepper and fold in half, Reduce heat

5. Cover and simmer for 1 minute. Slide onto place and garnish with sliced avocado



Dr. Cordain’s protein packed and flavorful scrambled eggs are guaranteed to jump start your energy levels for the day. Healthful fats and nutrients combined, this dish is one no Paleobreakfast menu should be without.


Serves 1-2


  • 3 Cage-free, non-antibiotic/hormone eggs
  • 1/4 – 1/2lb Breakfast sausage, ethically-raised, preservative-free
  • 3 Bacon Strips, preservative-free
  • 1/2 Onion, diced
  • 1/2 – 1 cup Fresh green chilli or salsa (optional if you are avoiding nightshades)



1. Turn on stove top burner to medium heat.

2. Layer bacon, sausage bits, and diced onions in a small, non-stick 6-inch frying pan.

3. Stir frequently with a wood spatula for 8-12 minutes or until cooked evenly.

4. Whisk three eggs in a small mixing bowl.

5. Pour egg mixture over bacon, sausage, and onions.

6. Stir frequently to avoid burning for 2-4 minutes or until eggs are set.

7. Plate egg scramble and garnish with fresh green chili or salsa



Substituting non-Paleo favorites is always tricky, but Banana Pancakes are one of my favorite things to eat! You can also do this with a grated apple too. Enjoy and look forward to breakfast the Paleo way as much as I do!


Serves 1


  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 1 free-range egg
  • 1 tsp of coconut, shredded
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Vanilla Extract, dash (Optional)




1. Mash one whole banana and lightly beat with an egg.

2. For extra flavor, add coconut chips, vanilla extract (just a dash) and cinnamon.

3. Pour this mixture into a frying pan and cook as you would a regular pancake.

4. Take care to not burn the edges flipping when browned on either side.

5. Enjoy!

worcester bosch 37cdi combination condensing boiler

boiler installation guide for the Ealing area

credit to advancement in technology in boiler in the UK, every new house hold item you purchase guarantees you a bit of modification, not only in design, but also in functionality. Boilers alike, upgrades are recommended. Upgrading your boiler in London comes with a lot of benefits. In this article, we will be going through some of the benefits you stand to gain by upgrading your boiler if you live in the Ealing area.

Improved heating control

Unlike with old boilers, new boiler now come with TVRs and a room thermostat heating controller that will enable you to set the temperatures separately in each room. Every time the air around the valves hits the desired temperature, the TVR automatically shuts off its radiator preventing it from overheating. Apparently, people prefer sleeping in bedrooms that are about 2 degrees Celsius cooler than the living room, upgrading your boiler will enable you use a TVR guaranteeing your comfort at all times. Besides giving you comfort, the TVRs are economical since they greatly contribute in saving money that would otherwise be spent while unnecessarily heating the rooms. For instance, you can use the TVR in guest rooms that are occasionally used to set the temperature a little low to avoid unnecessary heating.

Improved boiler efficiency

New boilers are A rated, while majority of the old boilers are G rated. According to energy saving trust, boilers are responsible for up to 60% of your house hold energy bills. G rated boilers functions at less than 70% efficiency meaning that they consume a lot of fuel for them to serve their purpose. On the hand, A rated boilers are 90% efficient implying that they only use less energy to serve their purpose. Averagely, upgrading your boiler can help you save up to £200-£300 per year. Most importantly, when efficiency is improved, functionality is always top notch this is a huge reason to get a new boiler installation in Ealing

New boilers are quieter in their operation

As stated earlier, new things always come with improvement in design. This is entirely because the material used are both refined and of high quality. Unlike older boilers, new boilers can significantly be quieter giving your home the calmness and peace it deserves. In addition, because the material used is of high quality, boiler installation is always easier and time saving.

Improvement in design rendering it compact

Modern boilers unlike their older counterpart, tend to be smaller in size. This greatly provides one with a lot of boiler installation options. Alternatively, instead of sitting them on the floor, because of the bulk, one can easily sit them on the wall. Interestingly, new boilers can even be hidden behind kitchen cupboard freeing up a lot of space which can be useful for other households.

Modern boilers are environment friendly

As stated before, modern boilers have rated efficiencies of up to 90 percent and even more. Increased efficiency means that they consume less fuel automatically resulting in lower carbon (IV) oxide (CO2) emission. This improvement is profoundly beneficial to the environment as it helps reduce carbon traces. In addition, many of the renewable energy technologies do not use fossil fuels resulting in reduced CO2 emissions.

In conclusion, you are advised to keep blending with the technology, whenever a new house hold item is released, be sure to check its features and embrace. Finally, boiler installation should be done in the right way to compliment its functionality, so make it a habit to thoroughly read the manual before installing.

increase in loans

with all the recent news centring the high increase in mortgages and bridging loans in london it has been rumoured that London students are now collectively over 1 trillion in debt, and as a result its having a knock on effect on everyone

David nil thought he was on the right path, a path that would set him up for the future, he is a 24 year old medical student from London, David finished with amazing accolades at on e of the top universities in the country, and has now gone on to medical school, and of the best around yet again,
but the way the current set up as David has a long way before he can realise any sort of reward. the school he’s at is a commute away so he’s moved back home to save money. he’s just finish the first term of what Is a fiver year long course, by the time David finished this course he we will 250,00 pounds deep in student loan, David he says he hasn’t worked out the exact number, but he tries to keep his mind of it
David is not the only one with debt like a cloud over his head, throughout the country students being slapped with hefty debts to pay for their higher education and tuition, a report released earlier in the year highlighted that student loans have continued to rise and steeply at that,

reports also show the difference in the last decade, 2003 reports show that that graduates owed some collectively to the tune of 253 billion in debt, however this has now sky rocketed to a total of 1.02 trillion in 2015, which is an increase of over 300%.
another study that was observed looked an individual debt, professor Greennought at the university college London found that 70% of students in classes between 2011 to to 2013 that graduated with loans, had an average loan amount of 15,000. Greenought claimed that he didn’t see where this would end, the loans keep growing and growing, as does the debt for the young emerging men and women of this generation.
it is proving difficult for many student to bare, studies have shown how difficult it is for student to pay back loans on time, failure to do so has been on the rise for quite some time.
a lot of these individual end up falling so far behind they are given forbearance and deferments which is the only google thing that can be seen out of this situation
as whole we can see just how much loans have effected us as a people and the economy, it is not just London student loans, but mortages and bridgin loans in london  at the london finance centre also we have to worry about, the finance sector has to looked at long and hard, but it is not a quick fix this a long term plight to get to normality

DIY Loft conversion

loft conversion guide UK

We all need a bit of extra space in our lives. At home, whether its room for extra storage, an escape or an extra bedroom, a little extra space goes a long way. While moving or extending your home may be an option, many overlook the possibility to maximise what they already have at their disposal. Loft conversions are a great way of adding an extra room to your home and, although not cheap, provides extra square meterage for a fraction of the cost of extending or the upheaval of moving home.

Loft conversions are no simple task so it is best to seek the services of a qualified joiner or professional building contractor to carry out the work, the last thing you need is to have your ceiling collapse or worse. Furthermore, planning permission is not normally required for a loft conversion, as long as certain requirements are met, a skilled professional will be able to ensure any work carried out fits into these guidelines saving you the expense and hassle of sometimes difficult and time-consuming planning applications.

Space is not the only benefit of a loft conversion. A professional job will add value to your home and help sell your property in future. Think how your life will benefit from an extra room in your home, whether that is a games room, a bedroom, study or laundry room. That benefit will still exist for others if you ever move home.

A professional joinery firm or building contractor will be able to come out, inspect the space and give a detailed quote based on your requirements. The work carried out will take less time than a DIY attempt, meaning less intrusion on your day to day life and your family home. A good tradesman will be certified giving you the peace of mind that the work they carry out will be not only safe but enduring.

Not only will a loft conversion joiner or contractor be able to carry out the work but they should be able to advise on best options for insulation and the types of ladders, stairs or windows that should be used, depending on the use of the room and the climate your live in.

A loft or attic conversion is one of the most cost effective ways to add an additional room to your home and can often be the only option available to homeowners.

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